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Supported Fostering Services - Wickford

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Address: 5 Station Court
Station Approach
Essex SS11 7AT
Towns Covered: Basildon, Benfleet, Billericay, Essex, Wickford
County: Essex
Postcode: SS11 7AT
Telephone: 01268 574265

Welcome to SFS
Supported Fostering Services - Wickford

Supported Fostering Services has been established nearly 20 years, rated Outstanding by Ofsted 2011- 2012. Providing hig quality Fostering placementsthrough an excellent matching process.

We are inspected and approved by the consortium of London Boroughs under the regulations of the Pan London Contract. We are also registered with Ofsted in England and with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW). Ofsted rated SFS as 'Outstanding' in our latest Inspection Report.

'The quality of care is exceptional; children and young people are thriving within safe, loving households following excellent matching practice.' Ofsted 2011

Every 22 minutes a child comes into care and needs a foster family.

With more foster carers urgently needed, we're asking you to find time to care. Read More

About SFS

A wide range of children and young people need someone to look after them. Supported Fostering Services (SFS) is a registered charity working in your community supporting people like you to offer children and young people a better start in life.

Rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted, SFS has a qualified social work team to offer guidance and support 24 hours a day. The comprehensive training programme helps carers draw on their life experiences and develop new skills to meet the needs of children in the care system.

Fostering can be a rewarding and challenging experience helping children and young people grow and develop to their full potential. There are many different types of fostering so whether you're a single person, a couple or larger family someone needs your help. A weekly allowance is paid for each child. Carers are being recruited in your area right now.

SFS provides 24 hour support for any problems or issues that occur outside of office hours and a comprehensive training program. Read More

Information on Fostering

Everything you need to make an informed decision

Family life is a wonderful thing. A loving bond between child and parent is precious and lasts for life. Sadly, for some children their home is not a caring or safe place. There are many different reasons. Abuse maybe, or neglect, or maybe the parents just can't cope. These children need to be fostered, sometimes for a short period, sometimes longer, until their future can be sorted out and agreed.

Supported Fostering Services is a long established charity dedicated to providing the highest quality foster homes, plus any other help that a child needs to help them grow and flourish.

They are needy, vulnerable and neglected. But like all children, they have fantastic potential. Just waiting to be unlocked. Read More

Become a Carer

Everyone at SFS is geared towards improving the lives of the children in our care. Whatever their different experiences they have all had difficult early life experiences. Together with SFS your job is to enable them to thrive and fulfil their full potential.

Carers come from all walks of life. But the one thing they all have in common is an understanding of the needs of children and a passion to help them. At SFS you will receive all the support, advice and training you need. Read More


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