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Stone Floor Tile Restoration - Tile Floor Specialists In Essex

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Address: Essex
Towns Covered: Essex
County: Essex
Telephone: 07859 836 891
Welcome to Stone Floor Tile Restoration
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Restoration, Cleaning, Repair

Stone Floor Tile Restoration work throughout Essex and London providing deep cleans, diamond polishing, restoration, re-grouts and reseals of natural and artificial stone tiles. Professional stone care and restoration welcome your enquiry call 07859 836 891 for more information. Our stone experts will restore your bathroom, kitchen and hallway to their original condition. Just the same as when they were were first fitted out.

The beauty of marble, travertine, limestone and granite can be brought back to life with professional treatment. If your stone is not maintained correctly micro hiding places for dirt, oils, and bacteria are created.

Using specialist formulas for cleaning and re-sealing will keep your tiles clean sealed and well maintained. Tile maintenance or granite maintenance is important so that germs or bacteria cannot survive in the stone.


About Us

Stone needs care and attention periodically maintaining its charm with the removal of dirt and grime that builds up over time. We clean, seal, restore, polish, protect and maintain all types of natural and artificial stone. Including limestone, sandstone, granite, terrazzo, travertine, slate, tile, ceramic and vitrified surfaces. Our work locations are within Essex and London and we provide a free survey with cost effective options available.

Using modern technology our stone care professionals use techniques ensuring that the stone is not chipped or damaged. With extensive knowledge on how to handle stone correctly leaving the surface clean and secure against damage.

No job is too large or too small we service both residential and commercial buildings and properties within Essex and London. We clean, restore, care for, polish and protect indoor stone floors right through the premises. Read More



Stone Sealing

Natural stone such as sandstone is a very porous stone these types of stone absorb liquids relatively quickly, while denser igneous stones such as granite are significantly less porous.they absorb smaller volumes, and more slowly, especially when absorbing viscous liquids. With the application of a surface treatment natural stone is protected against retard staining and corrosion.

Stone Polishing

Producing a "high gloss luster" on the stone after polishing correctly with care and the correct equipment. Traffic or worn areas can be re-polished at needed intervals to maintain an indefinite high gloss finish. It is important to note the high gloss finish is part of the stone surface and is not the sealer. Stone should be first sealed (read above) and then finished off with polishing.

Stone honing

This technique will remove scratches, etches or worn areas and produce a "consistent satin luster". Stone Floor Tile Restoration use modified abrasives and compounds for achieving unique satin finishes on natural stone. During manufacturing and transport abrasions, fill residue can affect the quality of the stone. These can be removed from the stone with refinement and honing presenting the stone in quality form.

Stone Grinding

Remove high, uneven tile edges otherwise know as "lippage" This causes the tiled area to look scruffy, leaves gaps for dirt and grime to accumulate and allows liquids to get in between the stone causing damage. The degree of grinding can range from selective abrading to put floors in "code" (a "partial grind"), or complete grinding, achieving a flush monolithic surface (a "full grind"). This eight-to-ten step abrasive process can be done on individual tiles or to entire floors.


Natural Stones

As stone ages or becomes neglected care and attention is needed to restore it removing dirt and grime and sealing cracks and chips. Natural Stone and it's derivatives can be brought back to their former glory with the correct application of restoration and cleaning techniques. Read More

Victorian Tiles

Victorian and Edwardian geometric and encaustic floors are beautiful period features which are both practical and add value to properties. Unfortunately, due to wear and tear over the years, many have lost their former glory.
We offer a restoration service to replace damaged tiles, plus an intensive cleaning and sealing process. Victorian tiles were features in entrance halls and front paths of houses and commercial premises from Victorian times to the 1930's. Read More

Artificial Stones

We clean artificial stone with specialist fluids and materials that do not stain or cause chipping of the stone. Grout is sealed and where needed replaced with new grout matching the colour of the existing grout. When the process is complete the artificial stone is restored to its prime original condition. Read More

Marble Fire Surrounds

Marble is porous stone that can stain and scratch easily if not maintained and treated with care. Acidic fluids will dissolve marble stone and so should be avoided especially when cleaning or wiping the surface it. As marble is a porous stone all spills particularly juice or wine or anything acidic should be wiped up immediately. If placing objects on the marble fire surround coasters should be used to avoid scratching the marble surface. Read More

If you would like to know more about our stone floor cleaning service, worktop repair, granite cleaning or marble polishing service or any of the stone services that we currently offer in and around London and Essex please phone 07859 836 891. Alternatively you can email us any time using the form on our contact page.


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