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Rspca North West Essex

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R.S.P.C.A North West Essex

Charity Number: 207972

About us

We are a branch of the RSPCA but our own charity in our own right. With your support we fund the unfortunate animals who need saving in our area. Without you this would not happen so please donate today.

Company Overview

Each of the 170 Branches are their own indivdual charity receiving no funding from RSPCA HQ or the government. 7 of these branches are in Essex and we are one of them.

The funds we raise are to help the welfare of animals which our local inspectors may remove from houses. We pay for the up keep of these animals in boarding establishments and foster homes whilst we find per
manent homes for them. Before we rehome some animals we have them neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, de-wormed and de-fleaed.

A charitable boarding establishment could charge £5 a day for a dog. If we have an average of 20 dogs in one month this mounts up to £3100 per month JUST for dogs.

If you can't rehome an animal yourself then you can help towards the cost by donating today or even by passing this page onto your friends and following us on twitter.



The RSPCA Essex North West Branch is run by a dedicated committee of volunteers and receives no government funding. It relies solely on donations, local fundraising and legacies to support the work with animal welfare in the North West of Essex.

We are one of 170 independent branch charities who work closely with the RSPCA Inspectorate in their area.

The branch relies totally on volunteers and organised fundraising to raise much needed funds for the boarding of rescued animals, veterinary care and re-homing of all RSPCA generated animals delivered by Inspectors in our area.

General Information

Chairman: Gary Cutting
Secretary: Vacant!
Treasurer: Jyoti Ferguson
Rehoming Co-ordinator: Dorothy Lee
Volunteer Co-ordinator: Chris Butler
Fundraising Co-ordinator: Vacant!
Fostering Co-ordinator: Vacant!

If you would like to Volunteer: Please e-mail our Volunteer Co-ordinator Chris Butler at for an application pack

Becoming a Foster Carer: If you are interested in fostering dogs, cats or small animals then please e-mail Chris Butler at for more information.

Interested in Fundraising?: If you would like to fundraise for us then please e-mail Chris Butler at for assistance

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